Nice to meeting you

Have you ever noticed how powerful meetings are? Much of my life revolves around meetings. Meetings with staff. Public meetings. Meetings with teachers and parent groups. I have so many meetings that I have to treat my private life the same way – make appointments for meetings with my family members or friends. This works OK, until you start missing meetings, double booking meetings or just plain forgetting meetings. What I needed was a personal organiser. I received a HP Ipaq for Christmas. It was totally defunct in 36 days (they would have replaced it within 30).

There are different kinds of meetings. I went to a public meeting this week that had a really positive vibe and should lead to some good outcomes for a lot of people. But some people just don’t understand meetings. They have little conversations despite all pleadings to stay on the subject and listen to other speakers. These people want the meeting for a social platform. I wish they would stay home, or at least conform to what good meetings require.

Some people hate meetings. This can, however, be used as a tool. A meeting can actually be something you do to somebody. “That’s it…..meeting……now!” “He was causing trouble and wouldn’t do his work, so I meetinged him.”

I am suffering, however, from meeting overload. I had four really intense meetings – lasting hours and really important – in just 48 hours. I hear no sympathy from any of you. Thanks for nothing!

Nice to meeting you.


One thought on “Nice to meeting you

  1. Perhaps we should schedule a meeting to discuss the contributing factors, and social ramifications of perpetual meetings? I have an important memo about the importance of meetings, and that it is important to keep holding them importantly. It’s a funny memo… almost inspired me to call a meeting myself. Will send it to you when I get the chance.

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