Making a difference

I have this thing about making a difference in the world around me. Do people care about making a difference any more? I was actually sounded out once to see if I wanted to get involved in local government, ie. as a council candidate. This immediately followed a comment something like “gee, I didn’t realise you actually cared about the community”. My response was “screw you” and I didn’t take up the offer. Most people do not understand their own capacity for making a difference. I just raised more than $6000 for a charity just by going on a diet. OK, I had a publicity device at my disposal that helped somewhat, but the point is I did it because I could. Being a self-centred shameless self-promoter came a distant second, I’m sure.

My question is, what difference are you making?


4 thoughts on “Making a difference

  1. Well I sometimes donate some of money to charities. It’s like, two dollars for the Salvation Army. I know it’s not alot, but it’s better than nothing.

  2. Differences are so hard to make these days… one needs materials, time, then there’s the question, do you look for instructions, or just start building? I look forward to the time when Bunnings will sell D.I.Y Difference kits. And if they cost less than $20 I’m in.

    I’m sure the whole concept of making differences comes down to that story about the starfish. Well actually about the thousands of starfish, but more pointedly the one had difference made by that person.

    Anyway, in the spirit of differences… tomorrow I will smile at someone nobody likes… lol.

  3. Actually all it takes is the will. No money….little time….not much effort. Will alone means you can make a difference. Everyone has is – hardly anybody uses it.

  4. Well, yeah, of course. Joining the community and helping to clean up the park and things like that always work.

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