I wonder if……….

The most difficult times of my life are when I’m just sitting and thinking. Do you ever get disturbed about the direction of your own thoughts? And dreams are worse….they happen when you have almost no capacity to turn them off. I dreamt again last night (a fairly rare thing for me) but the theme was much the same as always (not really all that nice). I try not to interpret them, there’s no point really because they don’t seem to have anything to do with my waking world.

Then there’s random thoughts, like those that go with this image. I mean, does this fellow think as slowly as he moves, or is he incapable of moving as fast as he thinks. I know plenty of people who don’t plan as far ahead as this bloke does if he wants to be in the right place at feeding time.


3 thoughts on “I wonder if……….

  1. I sometimes have random thoughts. Like sometimes I look at ants and think where they might be going, or what they’re going to do. Then sometimes I think really stupid stuff, like, what if everyone started climbing over a fence for no reason.

  2. I wonder if….. I wonder if you’re going to post again soon? My slackness must be contagious. Could be worse… at least you don’t have Shingles.. lol.

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