I blame the Government.

It’s not that they have done (or failed to do) anything in particular, but it just seems to roll so easily off the tongue that I cannot resist saying it. I blame the Government for that too by the way. Blaming the government is healthy and normal (a little like masturbation but more acceptable in public). I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel better about whatever is going wrong in their lives.

Then again, they could just get of their arses and do something about it, but then most people don’t think of that.

What people have little concept of is the realm of the possible. There are so many things that get swamped and crushed before they are started, for no better reason than someone (usually the Government) pops up to say they cannot be done.

Screw them.


And the Government!


One thought on “Blame

  1. Hmm… I can support the notion of government blaming. There are officially 6 music teacher jobs in Australia going at the moment… all of them shit. Government.
    Universities are popping out too many music teachers and not enough rocket surgeons. Fortunately there are plenty of Arts students, and they know who to blame.
    Houses are too expensive. Government.
    I think masturbation in public is a bit weird… but I was probably brainwashed into thinking that by you know who…. Government.

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