There is something about beer that is special. At this juncture I should point out that I am not a paid employee, contractor or otherwise in a position to gain from the promotion of beer.

 I like beer. It tases good and makes you feel good (in the right doses). It is not a cure-all, or the secret to life, but it is good. Damn good.

Beer gets a lot of bad press, not the least of which is the promotion of false promises. Things like "never again" come to mind. These are heartfelt statements when they are made – but they are lies nonetheless. Very few people who make the "never again" promise actually abstain from beer for the rest of their lives. A select few do, and feel remarkable good as a result.

I am not one of them.

I brew my own beer. Some of it is very good, no doubt just as the manufacturer intended. Some of it is not so good. Foretunately I am not like a certain uncle of mine who is too cheap to throw out a brew no matter how bad it is. I am, however, getting better at making beer. The last one I made was very good quality – a Coopers Lager that tastes like, well, Coopers Lager. I had the good fortune to be given a box of half a dozen cans of Coopers Lager brew mix. After wasting a couple of them trying in vain to make a really nice honey beer, I saw the error of my ways, reverted to following the instructions and have been enjoying a Coopers three or four nights per week every since.

I am lucky because my darling supports my brewing – she actually bought me the brewing kit as a gift and encourages me to enjoy it. I loved her before this, but this hasn't helped. Last week she bought me a mix for making a Toohey's Dark Ale. Mmmmmmmmmm….Dark Ale. I'm looking forward to that one. I bottled the most recent incarnation of the Lager on March 19 (a Sunday) and it takes about three weeks to fizz up nicely. An additional three weeks, however, and it does wonders for the taste, so I wil try to be patient and not drink too much of it before it is really good.

One thing i haven't done a lot of is sharing the brews, and I guess that is because the people within close enough range to offer samples to all tried my early brews, which were not really very good. Oh well, more for me!

If anyone else out there is interested in brewing, I would love to exchange tips and suggestions.

Drink up!


2 thoughts on “Beer

  1. It is with much disgust that I note the following…

    1. You know how to put pictures on your blog and I don’t. Disgusting!

    2. In order to ‘APPLY’… no not ‘work’, but ‘APPLY’ for work in a catholic school in QLD, one must REGISTER as a QLD TEACHER and pay the f**** fee that beauracratic organisations like that charge. What a croc@!!!!!! Disgusting.

    3. It’s after midnight and I have a headache. Disgusting.

    4. Pay money… just to ‘APPLY’…

    Yeah, am looking at queensland… but there’s a drought you see… full-time jobs hard to come by at the moment. I blame the government.

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