Because I can

In a recent post I included a picture of a glass of beer being poured (see below). I did this out of curiosity, so get a reaction.

I also did it because I like beer and having an image of it on screen is comforting while blogging.

 But no-one reads my blog for a history lesson. Who am I kidding – no-one reads my blog at all (well, no-one except close family and that bloke who donates to the Salvos occasionally).

Speaking of the Salvos, I had the enjoyment of attending their Queensland launch of the Red Shield appeal on Tuesday morning. The breakfast was OK, but what was really interesting was listening to the formerly drug addicted guest speaker talk about how much his life had changed since getting serious help. Of course, serious help costs serious money, which I suppose was the point of the whole thing.

I gave $20 tax deductible dollars.


One thought on “Because I can

  1. That’s kind of a cool sounding thing. Drug addicted people are really very helpless when they’re a dickhed. I mean.. addicted. Still Red Shield, very worthy cause.
    Thanks for offer of halveys, but like any naively optimist angst-ridden teacher I plam to change the world by making them consider an application without me paying.

    Anyway… the magical word for today? “google bomb”. Not sure what it is, how it works, or whether it is against Australian terrorism laws, but I’m told its a way of getting one’s web material read by more people. I think it is a trick to make one’s website (say a blog) to come up under particular search terms. Worth researching for sure.

    PS- birthday cesh transferred over the net this morning

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