Happy birthday

Tofsay is not my birthdfay. TYoday, how3ever, is Easter Satyreday, when I have had friends and family over to celebrate muy borthdday. Shortly (on Wednesday) I will have my 34th birthdfay. I think I am doing OK for 34, and I ghave no real cpomplakints. Tonight my wife, who9 I love more than any being on earth (that shoudl be vcapital E) put together a magnificant dinner for about 15 people (at least 6 adults) and we had a wonderful time. It's hard to believe that they were thanking me for a good night, when I just felt grateful that they were here. It's nights like tonight, when I have way too many gin an dtinics, red wines, cocksucking cowboys, bourbon and coke's and home-brewed beers, that Zi miss my old home town, and people like Brother Joe, and some of the old friends that I left behinfd.  TYhen again, I have enjoyed success here, and would find it hard to leave th3e new friends that I would leave behind if I left here. They are not replacements – they are difgferent – and I wonder at times whether they realise that I love them. Fro some reason I found it faiurly easy to tell my Melbvourne friends that I loved them = I haven't told my Brisbane firends that yet. I do, I just don't feel as able to tell them yet. I wonder why thart is? Mind you, when I was back in Melbourne I think I could tuype beter! My apologies go to all for my dysklxuc typing – it is due to my antake on incohol. Untril later. Scoop


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