When you work in the same place for six years you can reach a point where almost any change would be good. I am living that right now, but tonight I got the confirmation that I am going to get that change. It's not exactly the change that I thought would come – that one still might but it will be months away yet – but I have a change happening in the next couple of weeks. It's a change of location, and a change of work circumstances. It's still the same job, but there is competition and change to be pushed through while bringing the community with it. The excitement of the change is so great I can taste it. I almost can't wait. Bring it on.


3 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-changes…..

  1. The alramist in me screams “WHAT?????”… What change? Don’t you dare move to Victoria! Not when I’m nearly almost vaguely going to make the QLD plunge. To quote another great Queenslander… Please Explain?

    OK, I’ve finished over-reacting now. Very exciting… but what is it?

    Hmm… perhaps a joke to finish… what did the fish say to the other fish??? I can’t remember either.

  2. No, I’m not moving to Victoria. In fact, I’m staying right in this house. But I am changing role at work. After six years on my present paper I am moving to a different part of town, bit of a frontier area for my company. Lots of competition (which my present paper does not have) and lots of hearts and minds to be won over. Work is also looking at putting me through some post-grad study, which is damn fine if you ask me. It’s a grad cert in management (four units) and would be great to have, and it would all be done online with them paying the bill. A win win really! I will have more responsibility and a hell of a commute (at least for a while). The papers that I will be helping to drive strategy for will be relaunched smack bang in the middle of the QLD school holidays. I haven’t been told not to take them, but they are going to need me on the ground in those weeks. I think the September holidays will just have to do, which by my calculations puts me in Melbourne for Grand Final week. Party anyone?

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