Can’t wait…..

Well, it looks like Collingwood will finally win the 1980 night Grand Final that has been denied them for so long. This is the next logical step now that the decision on the Fremantle/St Kilda game shows AFL policy to prefer fairness over the letter of the AFL laws. In 1980, North Melbourne's Kerry Good kicked a goal well and truly after the siren blew at what was then called VFL Park at Waverley. The decision then was that the rule that states "the game is over when the umpire blows his whistle and raises both arms in the air" was all important, and the game could not be held hostage to technology failures. How times change.

What this highlights for me, apart from the fact that I am and always will be a bitter old Collingwood supporter who should have lived when we were regularly winning stuff, is an important factor in today's society. This latest incarnation of Australian society could rightly be called the blame society. Screw-ups just don't happen any more. Everything that goes wrong has to be somebody's fault, and the only people who get blamed for what happens to them are people who can't fight back. "The land subsided under my house – I'm going to sue the council for letting me build there". "But you built it on a sandy clifftop". "Yeah, but they should never have let me". People who tripped over and broke their arm used to be more careful where they walked afterwards. Now they almost call their personal injury lawyers before they call an ambulance.

No wonder our kids don't know how to go out and play any more. Imagine all the work to find someone to blame if they hurt themselves after we let them out to play. Safer to let them play Xbox, but if they get fat, that's TVs fault.

I don't know what the answer is, but North Melbourne can send that 1980 trophy to "Collingwood Football Club, PO Box 165, Abbotsford, VIC, 3067.


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