Random ramblings….

The other day I almost posted something in here. This is not remarkable…I've almost posted in here hundreds of times, but usually decided against it out of fear that I will come across as a pretentious twit. Last week was different. Instead of posting I used the "next blog" button to see what else was out there on WordPress. I found some interesting stuff. I found much crap. I also found what could have been interesting stuff, if only it was written in English and I could understand it. There are only so many Babel Fish in the world!

Instead of posting in my own blog, I posted randomly in other people's blogs. This was a significant step in to blog culture for me. I don't know these people. They don't know me. I couldn't care whether these people lived or died….that's not by business. I left comments on about 10 blogs, always relevent to the topic discussed and always polite but to the point.

Net result? Nothing. I know this is not surprising, but it made me wonder why the hell not. It's a hangover from my regular life. I'm used to being listened to. Most of the time my opinion matters in the work and social circles that I spend my time in. This felt like I didn't matter.

Is this the ultimate purpose of the Internet…..to teach humility to arrogant dicks like me? It's interesting….isn't it?


2 thoughts on “Random ramblings….

  1. I think the internet is a great communication device. Although to be honest it’s almost as unreliable as humans themselves.

    You never know what might happen, I like your blog – it’s honest, it’s in English, it isn’t about a fcuking computer chip – it’s about another human being – and that is something which everyone can relate to.

    I love the idea for dares hopefully you like my dare hahaha – although am not completely sure which gender you are though assume man as this is the most hilarious option….

    I’m just finishing work and am off on a long weekend yees!! And the world cup (soccer) is starting, but anyway enough of me (you can read my blog haha)

    All the best



  2. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I think what you’ve done isn’t for nothing. If I weren’t too weirded out about what I’m writing privately, I’d let you in on the secret. But, I’m not brave enough just yet. 🙂

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