I stand corrected

Those who know me will understand (or at least nod knowingly) that I was not wrong in my last post. Since what I posted has been almost immediately contradicted with almost unquestionable logic, there remains only one solution. I must have lied.

Essentially what I can point out it this. After rambling on about may blog surfing producing exactly no reaction, my blog stats hit an all time high yesterday. OK, the all time high was only 11 visits and four of those I know were from a family member, but it does cause one to think a bit. Were those visits from the people whose blogs I randomly put comments on? I have no idea. I did not do it to win friends – I have plenty of those. I did not do it for attention either, although those who know me best know that I don't mind a bit of attention.

The bottom line is that I don't know why I did it. But the reaction has been cool, and I'm glad there has been one. Sounds like it's time to go random-commenting again.



2 thoughts on “I stand corrected

  1. Consider yourself randomly commented apon.

    You lied???? What what what….. oh I see … easier than saying you were incorrect? Ummm easier than being misunderstood? Ummm damn easier than saying you were wr, Wrrr, wroooo, ah, you know the word I am looking for.

    You, Scoop, are the smartest man on the earth. Just wish you would stick a spell checker in your blog site.

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