Dare me….

I've got a new plan.

It goes like this: I'm going to randomly reply to blog posts on WordPress (a word from our sponsors here). I will try to be constructive, but failing that I will try to be entertaining.

What I ask is that anyone whose blog I comment on, and who then visits my blog, post here with a dare they would like me to carry out. I will do my best to meet all dares, and will post the results here.

Wish me luck………I dare you!


15 thoughts on “Dare me….


    I, Adonis Storr, officially dare you, to strip naked, put on womans underwear – g-string, bra, tights and high heels, AND run down to the end of your street and back to your house screaming “Life is great for an ape like me!”

    We want pictures and a hilarious story for your next post!!

    Have fun and Good Luck


    If ya do it and I see pictures you get to dare me to do something and I have to do it


  2. Lexandria – they certainly can, and should, be dares in the real world. The blog will merely be the reporting mechanism!

    Adonis – you’re on….give me a few days to talk someone in to taking pictures of me in women’s underwear. I don’t look that great in men’s underwear, so it will be a challenge, but I think I’m up for it!

  3. Just one question……… do you actually own high heels???? I’m sure you’re right for the other stuff…..hehe couldn’t help myself.

  4. hmm… I’m all for new experiences… but I wonder whether running down the street in underwear (mens or womens) is such a good idea. But who I am to say anything… I haven’t come up with a good idea for agaes… lol.

  5. I’m sorry, but do u happen to be Singaporean? If you are, i don’t mind helping with those photos and reports bout you running around in women’s undies ;P

    So anyways, do a vid or photo shoot with a starbucks paper bag over your head and act like you’re a Starbucks superhero! I dare u! xP

  6. whats with the advertising campaigns..? is he a billboard? how about tattoo a big M logo on your bum? but if that’s a bit too undignified i instead dare ya to get a drum circle or a sing-a-long or a moshpit going in the midst of your local shopping centre (or mall, if you’re american), with as many willing happy strangers who aren’t too busy shopping as possible… please please, i dare ya! i would congratulate you even if its a very tiny musical (or noisy) gathering…(even if its just you) you’ll probably meet some very interesting people… ps… i wasn’t actually invited to dare, but i thought i’d chuck it in nonetheless… so you technically don’t have to complete this silly dare… forgive the intrusion… good luck!
    ps, yeeehaa for the tights and bra!!

  7. Have you found anyone to take the pictures?? There was one person who posted a comment said she wanted to take pictures of ya, but i think the pre-requisit was that you have to be singaporean lol.

    In other news I love the Superhero Starbuck idea, a strapping young Super Star-buck-ing his place in web log history, and the Maccas sign on the arse is appropriatley positioned for a bit of world play : MacDonalds – My Arse…. it has to be a post title

    Anyway kids can’t way for the pictures, “Lifes great for an ape like me” has been ringing round my head making me life: Go Son!

    On a seperate note, does anyone know what Adam and Eve were doing in the Garden of Eden??? If you ask me they were eating bananas up in the trees like the good apes we are.

    Take it easy, Campeezee


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  9. Ha! I ended up at your blog by following your comment on Joe’s blog just because I promised I’d get in touch with you cos I wanted to say a big hello to Abbey.

    Turns out there’s an added bonus. I get to dare you to do something! I dare you to look after a Tamagotchi for a week. No, I’m serious… Seems easy doesn’t it?? And you have to do it properly…can’t just neglect it and ignore it. Let me know how it goes.

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