Coping with failure

“It wasn’t a bad idea… was a very good idea….in fact it was my idea.” – Tim Brooke-Taylor, The Goodies, Radio Goodies episode.

To any and all who posted dares for me to try, who came back time and time again to see how they were going – I am sorry. I just didn’t have it in me – busy life, and lack of willingness to get arrested. If you were upset, I apologise. If you can’t let go, get counselling. If that doesn’t help – tough.

My new plan is to blog whenever I feel like it, hopefully more often than every four months as it has been this time! If you see anything of interest, I am glad and please leave a note to let me know. If you see nothing of interest, it can’t be any worse than the last four months, can it?

To my friends and family (you’ll know who you are if you receive a leather-bound gold-embossed copy of all posts after I die) – stay tuned. You might just get an insight in to me that you never expected.

Let me know if you do, then reply to the post and explain it to me…….please!


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