Golf is one of the strangest sports on the face of the Earth. I’m trying to imagine an intelligent person turning to a mate and saying “I’ve got an idea for a game – it goes like this”. If this was that person’s idea of relaxation, they were either already good at it before telling their friend, of they just didn’t have enough frustration in their lives.

I, myself, have never been good at golf. I first played at the Melton Valley course at the age of 14. I scored 156 for 18 holes. the second time I played was at the same course and I achieved the same score. Stuff golf.

Since then I have been roughly a once-a-year hacker. This makes it all the more funny that, in the last month, I have played golf twice at Brookwater Golf Club, a championship course designed by Greg Norman (who I have decided, after playing his course, is either a nasty man who enjoys the frustration of others or is really good at designing challenging golf courses). The first time was in the Brookwater Pro-am. I was grouped with pro Terry Price, who was greatly entertaining and gave some pointers for my game that would have helped anyone at my level. By the second time I played Brookwater, I was hitting the ball better than at any other time in my life, muttering “thanks Terry…..bloody Greg Norman” under my breath after every good shot (there really were quite a few…..really!).

The rollercoaster continues – I have just been asked to represent my company in the pro-am that accompanies the Queensland Open. I must be insane, but of course I said yes!

More details to follow after the game.


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