It went like this – We played four-ball ambrose, Me my brother-in-law Matthew, and two lovely pros, Chris Gray and Tim Wood. As with many ambrose contests, at least two drives from each player must be counted over the course of the 18 holes. After many great contributions by myself (10metre putts, occasionally good irons etc) unfortunately, the pros confidently left it until the 18th for my second “drive that counts”. The short version is – I hit it in to a fence, and the second shot on this par four had to be taken barely 35metres forward of the tee. I would have felt fine about this (and blamed the pros, of course) but we finished fourth – and just one shot behind a tie for second that, at the very least, would have given us a nice fruit basket as a prize to go home with.

The worst part was that the pros were exceptionally nice fellows, meaning I can’t even slag them off to make myself feel better. I need a better plan.

I know………It was Matthew’s fault!


4 thoughts on “Blame

  1. Good to see you blogging Jim.. even if it is always about golf! I have headlines in my head…. Ron Goodman: Editor, Family Man, Clever Guy, Golf Junkie!

  2. I have not even walked a game of golf let alone ‘played’. I wonder if you could use a hockey stick instead…..? That may be easier.

    I think I saw a golf course…..once…..

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