And also……

Two posts in one day. I’ll most likely never meet that standard again, but it was ridiculously early when I made my first post (like, before 6-ish) and it sure feels like a long time ago.

Mrs Scoop is out, so I am home with a houseful (my two kids and a visiting friend) and should be doing the housework. No doubt tht’s why I’m messing around on the computer instead.

It might be time to consider something profound. Too bad if it is, because I can’t think of anything. This morning I had my karate class, which was nice, but every other student is streaking past me and I’m just staying at the same skill level – no doubt because I have no other time to devote to it other than the one hour lesson on Saturdays. Copped an accidental punch in the chin today. Well, the punch was deliberate, but I was supposed to block it and missed. No damage done – just surprise. I went to the VP shopping centre for a haircut but they said I had to wait more than an hour so I gave it a miss – another week with a bad hairstyle. For some reason I also bought a lottery ticket. I haven’t done so for ages, but I did today. Also bought a scratchie, which won enough to buy two scratchies, which won enough to buy one scratchie, which won nothing. Should have seen that coming (like the punch I guess).

Tonight will be quiet (although visiting friend is staying over, and there is a game of *shudder* rugby league on TV. Maybe the rest will do me good, as work will be full on this week.

Ta ta!


4 thoughts on “And also……

  1. That scracthie story is so what I would do! I too subject myself to rugby the other night… it’s just not cricket. or football.

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