Oh, what a night……mid-November back in ……… OK, that’s about as close to hearing me sing that you really want to get.

My beloved sister (see link at the right) bought us a fondue set for Christmas. We were excited. Sadly, we had never used it (just never found the right moment) until last night. All was going really well for an excellent brandy chocolate fondue (we were going to dip fruit and marshmallows in it) until we completed the fondue, poured it in to the fondue set and we poured the fuel in the burner and lit it. I was carrying the whole thing (already lit) from the kitchen to the new patio (where the guests were waiting for dessert) when the burning fuel started to leak across the bottom of the fondue set. I knew this was bad – watching blueflames trickle towards your hands is never good.

Needless to say, my right hand caught fire – not a development I was particularly fond of or excited about (not in a good way anyway). I did the ony heroic thing possible – I dropped the burning fondue set on the rug in the lounge, where it proceded to spill and continue burning. A mate grabbed a small cusion off the couch and attempted to smother the flames, but probably hit it a bit hard and it just further disturbed the fuel in the fuel dish.

Result – the fire immediately doubled in size.

At this point I was not really feeling any pain – too much going on. I rushed to the pantry, grabbed the fire blanket that has been hanging on a hook on the inside of the pantry door for the best part of three years ripped it out of its packet and popped it down on the fire. Previously mentioned mate then dribbled water on the already reducing flames and finished the job.

The short version is that I spent the rest of a very enjoyable patio party – with great company – with my right hand in various packets of frozen vegetables to reduce the stinging sensation.

This morning all is well – I have a long thin blister on the back of my ring finger on my right hand, a clean and healthy fondue set and a burnt rug. Worth every bit – if for nothing other than the story to tell.

PS……heading to Young for Nanna’s funeral on Tuesday. I have been asked to read the eulogy which I am, of course, more than happy to do. Dad has sent me a little something to read on his behalf as well – a nice little something actually – so between that and what the rest of the family are writing it should be all good.

All those members of the G family in one place – will be really good to catch up, and of course I feel I’m representing my branch of the family to some extent. That’s something else I’m more than happy, and proud, to do. I’ll leave Monday and probably get to Dubbo, then drive on to Young Tuesday morning. I must remember to take it fairly easy on Tuesday night (won’t be easy) because I’ll have to be on the road Wednesday, home Thursday and back to work Friday.

Smiles to all my readers – yep, both of them.



2 thoughts on “Fondon’t

  1. OMG… well there you have it… moral to this story… make regular use of any fondue set given to you, oh and read instructions prior to use…. that probably applies to any rediculous contraption given as gift.

    Hmmm now, this years Christmas gift…. ummm Electric blanket?…. ummm no…. Electric knife? ummm no. Oh I know… one of those inside BBQ thingos that use those really safe cans of excellerants… Yes thats it.

    Perhaps just a nice rug for the loungeroom? Another fire blanket maybe?

  2. Sorry mate, even funnier now I have seen the rug. P.S. Lovely to see Lee, still hot, still laughs the same, same old Lee really.

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