Well, having survived the big MC-ing event, I have some words of wisdom to share among you would-be MCs out there.

Word number one – never include a 140-year-old magician in the line-up. He went on forever and, while the kids might have enjoyed a couple of his moments, he was probably a contributor to some people leaving at intermission. The upside was he really increased the confidence of the next performer.

Word number two – no matter how funny it is, check your lighting bloke isn’t going to make clearly audible comments such as “it’s propaganda – get on with it” during the inspiring Christmas performance of the local Catholic school. Free speech is great, but I was standing next to the school’s staff, who gasped in horror and the very thought.

Word number three – don’t run around trying to recruit tired young performers for a sing-along finale if you haven’t already organised it in detail. It was a nice idea, but really needed a rehearsal to work properly.

All in all, it was an enjoyable evening, and there were quite a few laughs along the way. There were some lovely positive comments as well, but the true measure will be whether they ask me to do it again next year. Perhaps I’ll be on the full-time speaking circuit by then anyway!

Must go……off to enjoy some corporate hospitality at the Cricket today.


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