Why statistics matter

An excellent question really, and one that I’ve been considering deeply. I’ve mainly considered this since I recorded my highest ever number of blog visits to this blog (it was 39 a minute ago).

I suppose there are some people out there who measure the worth of their blogs by the number of hits that they get. I might be one of them – not sure yet. Then there is the number of comments on entries (Brother Joe being the reigning family champion by this measure).

Ultimately though, us self-centred types go for a subjective, qualitative measure of whether our blogs are any good. That way we are the only ones making measurements that we deem important.

Meanwhile….back to me……………..


4 thoughts on “Why statistics matter

  1. Yup, yup, Brother Joe even made up a song, so no wonder he is ahead in the comment stakes. If only we could sing sigh.

    Hey all those whom visit here should comment. huh huh.

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