The spirit of giving

In my line of work I get to do all sorts of things that help people. I publish articles about fundraisers, people in need, political issues and generally things that, on occasion, make a real difference to people. Today, I am joining about 40 of my colleagues to make a small, but more direct, difference. We are heading to the Salvation Army warehouse in Brisbane to wrap presents for underprivileged children. We’re doing it in two shifts to spread the workload (and make sure we still get the papers out!), but it should be loads of fun.



5 thoughts on “The spirit of giving

  1. Oh Wow, that sounds just great Scoop, did you get the morning shift? Good on ya’s. Some people I know donate their time on Christmas day to make a difference on the city streets too. After attending public housing tennents group meeting this week, you just have to realise that making a difference to anyones day doesn’t always mean you have to travel far. Glad I went too, if I didn’t, there would have only been two people under the age of 70, and they were from the Dept.

  2. Sounds like the like the public housing association needs Jim to revamp their marketing approach… “Beer, Football, Porn, Public Housing”. Just a thought.
    My friend Dan (who started all the rot with blogs) judges a blog by its quirky layout, its funky originality, and common themes. I have none of these things, but he reads occasionally anyway!

  3. what if we all resolve to do some thing charitable even when Christmas is over. killing pollies, bombing centrelink and baiting rotweilers not counted even though beneficial. volunteering, protecting the environment, aiding third world infants and lowering the age of advocacy groups preferred.

  4. such violence from my big sister! What have you got against rotweilers? They’re ok if they’re kept under control… something that is not possible with the two other organisations on your hit list.

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