The spirit of sleeping

I’m tired.

I’m not just sleepy. I am bone tired, tired on the inside tired, worked my backside off tired and well and truly ready for a holiday. On the upside, I’m having a holiday – a good five weeks worth. I might have to pop in to work for a day here or there, but for the most part I will be spending time with my family, particularly quality time with my wife and children (which has been at such a premium lately).

Update on the Salvos morning – it was really good and rewarding (although we didn’t get a whole lot done when you see how many toys are in the warehouse). I got so hot, sweaty and dirty doing it though that I had to drive all the way home for a shower before heading back (across) town to the office.

And a really good thing? Today I clinched my first really big deal at work (like $125K worth) and it felt really good. May there be many more to come.


5 thoughts on “The spirit of sleeping

  1. I must look into wrapping Salvos gifts here next year. Gift wrapping is one of my very few talents so there’s no reason why I couldn’t do that. Thanks for the suggestion.

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