The last day

The last day of just about anything has an air of excitement about it. I’ve just seen the kids do the last day of school. Now I’m about to head off for the last day of work before I have five weeks holiday. Yes….five weeks!

My last day will be fairly interesting, although I won’t be going to either of my usual offices. I’ll go to head office, have a meeting or two, chat with some important people about some of the strategic thingos for next year, pop out to lunch, go exploring more strategic thingos with the chief financial officer, then hopefully bolt for home after that. It might pay to get a haircut on my way home, since I’ve started to get that shaggy dog look happening again. Shall I go for an out-there, really create haircut? Probably, but you all know I’m not going to.


2 thoughts on “The last day

  1. Let the ‘shaggy dog’ look stay for the holidays mate, wow 5 weeks of no haircuts, sounds good to me, then get a cut just before returning to work. Some people should just let their hair grow, mainly just while they can. I have crazy styles cause I can.
    Just kidding with the hair thing….

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