Those who know me well would remember that I am still keeping to the New Years resolution I made in 1994. That resolution, if I remember rightly, was “I resolve not to make any more stupid New Years resolutions that just end up costing me money”. Now, 12 years is a long time to stick to a New Years resolution, especially when you consider all of the resolutions that don’t last five minutes. I, quite seriously, have not made a New Years resolution since then

This year, I’m leaning towards making some. Over the last couple of years I have taken to setting personal goals (not resolutions), and I really believe they have helped to make me a more driven and successful person. I will, over my Christmas holiday break (five weeks, yay!), set some new targets for myself, and probably write them down and put them somewhere that I can regularly refer to them. Apparently, this is something that more than 90 per cent of top executives do, and it helps them to remain focussed on their medium and long-term goals while they are coping with all of the day to day stuff. I like the sound of it, and the sound of being a top executive is sweet too. Maybe one day!

But back to resolutions, I’m thinking of resolving to do something difficult just to help with my own personal discipline and prove to myself that I can, indeed, do anything that I set my mind to. I do have one or two in mind, but I would be more than interested in the thoughts and suggestions of readers on the topic.



5 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. top executives are good but known to neglect physical activity to the detriment of their cholestrol and frequently have heart attacks during their infrequent but very vigorous squash games with other top executives. I suggest regular long walks.

  2. I, too have been thinking about resolutions, hmmm, less drinking (dont really drink), control weight (bahh), be nice to others (working on it), think of others before myself (do that), knuckle down on Tafe work (done), relax (when I can), so begining to think that I will just have to resolve to have more ME time. Even if that means just taking time to call old friends and family, making sure I see more sunrises or whatever. Yep, I think thats it for next year.

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