New year, new me?

Not likely…..I’m way too keen on the me I’ve got already, and I’m having so much fun being me that I really wouldn’t want to make changes that could well leave me not liking myself so much. Full of myself? Yes, probably, but as I have told quite a few people (usually when they tell me to take care or be careful while doing something), I’m one of my favourite people.

Christmas and New Year has all gone really well….lots of fun had by all, especially the kiddies which is what it is all about for me. Being a big kiddie myself somewhat, my beloved one has catered for that with a great big boys toy – an arcade table. As a Gen Xer about to turn 35, I have already had plenty of experience of glorifying the past and reliving the best bits as best I can. Now I can do so playing Galaga (my favourite), Frogger, Space Invaders (yes, the original), 1942 and Pacman (and its variants). I can’t wait to start entertaining guests under the patio with extended arcade game play (we have everything from Gen Xers to Baby Boomers in my Secret Mens Business group, plus plenty of other friends who probably have strong residual skills at some of these games).

I think 2007 is going to be a cracker – can’t wait.

Late news flash – old friends Lee and Sharon have become engaged……and that’s great news. It’s only been 18 years or so since they first met…..the makings of a great love story (or drama) if you ask me. Congratulations friends……K and I wish you all the very best.


3 thoughts on “New year, new me?

  1. why did I read nicki’s comment and immediately break into song? …Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…

    Jim… you’re one of my favourite nephews so don’t change or I’ll have to put you lower on my favourites list.

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