African ducks

Today I have added a new link to my blogroll. Many of you (sounds like there’s lots of you when I say that) have visited it before – it is the live webcam from some African nowhere, where you can see wildlife visiting a waterhole. It even has a night-vision setup so you can see sleeping ducks in the dark. I have seen deer on it, and I did actually see a duck crap live next to the pond. Some unseen operator zooms in and out and pans in different directions at some stages, most likely by remote control. I have heard reports of elephants and lions visiting, but haven’t watched for the requisite hours to see those myself yet. I live in hope.


3 thoughts on “African ducks

  1. Not to forget the monkeys, turtles, wildebeasts and the zebra, someone even mentioned that they saw giraffe. I am seeing many zebras just walking around as if they are selecting only the finest blades of grass. One zebra and five wildebeast. You are right, there seems to be an awful lot of ducks….LOL must be the same two ducks that come back each night.

  2. Have you got broadband? Aunt Jan said it only runs if you have broadband. I think they should put this on late night TV instead of those stupid ‘call to win’ game shows.

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