Cracking the ton

This morning I headed out early with Brother Joe, Friend Nathan and Friend Mikey to my old haunt, Ballan golf club, to hit some golf balls and remember old times. Only trouble (for others) was that I remembered how to hit golf balls and they didn’t, at least not as well as they have in the past. Having never cracked 100 before, I hit a 93 (47 front 9, 46 on the back). I will admit up front Ballan is a par 62, but it still felt great as my previous best even there was 111. I guess all of those recent golf games did the trick. It heated up a lot, well and truly over 30 degrees celsius by the time we finished. We felt sorry for the poor sods still playing… was the club’s annual veterans day! Shot of the day went to Friend M, who called in “with mechanical problems” from the middle of the fourth fairway. Loved his work. For the record, Friends M and N scored pars and I didn’t, but overall score works for me!

Holiday note – I’m very relaxed, and have forgotten where my office is. Excellent.


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