That’ll learn me

I should have known better than to post about being frustrated because I’m waiting for big news. Sure, it didn’t do my stats any harm at all, but the (apprently not) obvious thing happened…..I’m still waiting. Seems some head office types were a little distracted the day my company’s people went to make their submissions….something to do with multi-million dollar legal actions that had nothing to do with us….and, despite their best efforts, the time alloted for presentations was severely curtailed and there were no answers…..none! Even a few NOs would have been OK, because this whole limbo thing that I’m not good at (that is, patient as long as I don’t have to wait for anything) would be over and done. Sigh.

On another subject, had a really good Secret Mens Business event at my place on Saturday night (ssshhhhhhh…’s a secret). For those readers who don’t know what I’m on about, SMB started after SWB (work it out) inspired us with the concept of gender-based social events just because we can, and it has worked out really well. Saturday night was actually at my house and was very relaxed. We had nine or 10 people and played arcade games, darts, table soccer, blackjack and poker. These last two were on a really groovy home casino set (not mine) that I’m sure we will have several further goes at. Good fun, and all the chips go back at the end.

Must go….time to make myself pretty for work again…..big job!


6 thoughts on “That’ll learn me

  1. Oh my, It is true, you blogged, and that’s all you have after almost three weeks of no news, sheeesh almost as ‘good’ as Have a great day, oh, and then blog about it. hehe

  2. Hey Bobby, you are just the best at what you do, whatever that may be you know that?, regardless, if it is cooking (cfc) potatoes on the BBQ, playing footy or editing page seven, you are good at it. Now should you want to drive a truck, paint a fence or decide it is time to pack bags of chips into boxes for a living, guess what, you will be bloody good at that too. Remember that your 30’s is time for relaxing, refocusing and change, ( not updating spelling skills) you do what you want to do and be who you want to be.
    Special hint (just cause I am your sister)* I no longer wait for others, especially with things that are important to me, be it reminding someone to get milk on the way home or discussing that promotion, life is too short. There are so many more options for you out there, be what you want to be when you grow up. PS I see you teaching, Tafe or Uni. A Smart School.
    Love U.

  3. A quick comment on my own blog…..not to “up” my stats, but to give thanks to the Jury. Your comments are heartwarming and insightful, and they have made me feel good. Thanks again.
    Love, Scoop.

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