Medical experiments

You read about them in the news all the time……testing this new antibiotic, trialling new cancer therapies and rubber staples to stop people from eating so much on Tuesdays. This week I am undertaking a new medical experiment……working so hard, for so long, under so much pressure that by lunchtime your stomach hurts, you can’t face lunch, and when a staff member asks if I want anything from the cafe down the road, I say “asprin”. Is this a good experiment? No. Do I want to do it again? No again. Do I have much choice at the moment? Well, people always have choices. I have expressed the somewhat untenable nature of my present work role (that is, doing about 1.7 full time jobs and squeezing them in to each week). I have told the people that matter at my work that, while I am doing my very best, I know that each of my full time jobs could be done to a better standard if they were performed by two different people, whether that was me and somebody else, or two somebody elses. They have nodded, they have understood, and I know that they are up to their necks in budget formulation, replacing staff and managers who have resigned and all of the other things that senior managers do. So in the meantime, while I wait for the solution, I have a roiling stomach at least half of the time, I have half given up sleeping and, somehow, I am continuing to perform an admirable job at work.

The only flaw in my medical experiment is that I’m not really taking notes, making it of dubious research value. I know, I know…..blogging is the answer, and I’m working on it!

Must go….it’s 6.20am (been up for over an hour and a half – damn cat) and I have to start making myself look (and hopefully feel) more human.



2 thoughts on “Medical experiments

  1. Now that I have more time to comment, I shall, these occurances you speak of are directly related to and responsive to what everyone (mostly) goes through at one stage during their lives.

    I believe I know what the problem is…..

    ….. You are in your 30’s ….. That is all.

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