How important are surprises to making relationships work? Sure there are surprises and surprises…….showing how tired I can be when the people at home never thought I could get any more tired is probably not the best, or most important, kind of surprise, but I managed to surprise even myself with that one last week.

I’m talking about nice surprises. Show up early at home and do all the housework while she’s at work surprises. Unexpected gift surprises. Flowers at work surprises. Pick up the kids from school surprises. Spontaneous night out surprises. All of these are things that I haven’t been good at, but all of them are doable. It’s not that I don’t think of them, it’s just that I’ve been spending the time it takes to do them at work instead of doing them. What kind of idiot does that make me (thanks Jury, you’ve got me questioning what being in my 30s means)? This is not doubt in myself brought on by a mid-life crisis……I know that because I still have tentative plans to live forever, meaning I am not consciously acknowledging that my life will have a mid-point. It is just a train of thought.

Today’s issue: Do I get Foxtel or not get Foxtel. I want to see my AFL (and to be able to flick on replay during the week if I miss it on the weekend), but that’s a lot of cash just for me to see my favourite game. To include all of the really cool documentary channels (History channel, Biography channel, Animal Planet etc.) costs even more. Decision? Don’t know yet, but I’m leaning towards yes.


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