Overwhelming response

The overwhelming response to my issue of the day has swayed me immensely. A whopping 100% of people who commented on the issue thought I should get Foxtel, a powerful influence. I might organise it today! I wonder if I can get a convoluted staff discount? Not sure, but you can be sure I’m going to ask!

Back to surprises (see last post), yesterday I sent my beloved 12 red roses at her work, just to let her know she is special. I wanted to make her smile. It worked. 

Today I’m going to work at the closest office to home, partly for my convenience, partly because I worked so hard over the last two weeks that they can’t complain if I ease back a bit, but mainly because I have a funeral to go to at 2pm and it is closer to that office than mine. It’s for a bloke I used to work with (had health problems for years, and they finally outweighed him).

Issue for today: Homework. Study takes so much time when you are working as well. have an assignment to finish, and it is already running late. Must finish assignment. Hopefully today.


5 thoughts on “Overwhelming response

  1. Noooooooo dont do it Scoop…. you will add to the ‘numbers’ and before we know it the AFL will only be available via PayTV… Nooooo.

    Surprises wow, well done there.

  2. But the tyres are good… yeah???? Wheels doing ok? you know, still round, cause thats a good thing too. Did you get RATQ to change the battery, that would be your ONE call out for the year.

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