Transaction analysis

No doubt you can all tell that I am deep in the throes of my current unit of study – Business Accounting and Finance. Today we will analyse that critical component of business – the transaction.

The transaction consists of various parts – the offer, the commitment and the delivery. Take ice cream for example (don’t mind if I do). The shop offers you a range of different ice creams. You make a commitment by choosing one and advising the ice cream shop attendent how you will pay for it. Finally, the ice cream shop attendent delivers the ice cream, and the transaction is complete.

Now let’s consider another transaction – Foxtel. The company offers pay TV services. It does this through many forms of advertising. I rang them up, listened to the spiel and¬†negotiated a better introductory offer (I enjoyed that part). At the commitment stage I gave the nice man on the other end of the phone my bank account details in order to facilitate payment. I went through the process of having my assent to the direct debits and the two year contract recorded. All that leaves is the delivery stage – at which point they said it would take FIVE WEEKS before they could get an installer to my house! That is four full rounds of AFL, a whole heap of the Cricket World Cup (although that drags out so interminably that I think I’ll be able to just catch the final) and God knows how many great documentaries on the History Channel (we are particularly looking forward to that one).

If I ran a pay TV company……..well, if I ran it I would make sure I didn’t have to pay for it for a start.


5 thoughts on “Transaction analysis

  1. OMG, omg, almost footy season, that means it’s also almost Big brother season, heaven forbid foxtel would take that on…….or over.

    Surely you wouldn’t pay for the foxtel connection until it was supplied. Havn’t you had it connected in the past, it should just be a matter of delivering the set to you. Maybe that takes 5 weeks, you are out in the bush…lol.

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