Chocolate and stuff

What is it about chocolate that is just so hard to say no to? Take Easter for example. It is a religious festival thousands of years old (and some would argue older than that). What does most of the Western World do? Eat chocolate.

Sadly, I don’t need a special occasion to eat chocolate. I tend to eat too much of a lot of things, and chocolate is probably one of them. Unfortunately I can resist just about anything except temptation (see previous regligious festival – might be a problem one day). I recently went to my various medical advisers about how crappy I was feeling (see earlier post about medical experimentation) and, much to my pleasure, got a clean bill of health. My GP, when giving me my test results and advising me on lifestyle issues, told me to not waste time on a vigorous get fit campaign that I would only end up hating and turning my back on. He suggested regular exercise that I enjoyed. “If you like playing golf, go and play golf once a week” he said. I asked him if he was medically prescribing that I play golf every week. He told me that I wasn’t that lucky and that he wasn’t going to wear the flak from my lovely wife if I went out and became a regular golfer. I haven’t started an exercise program yet, possibly because I’m lazy and possibly because I’m still so busy with work and study, but hopefully it will get underway soon. I’m certainly heavier than I want to be, and my lovely wife has started her own fitness and health campaign. I really need to follow her example and get off my behind.



10 thoughts on “Chocolate and stuff

  1. OMG, two posts in as many days, wow.

    If you really want to work up a sweat, come over and do some sanding on the Kingswood, help me pull off the bumpers and bull bar, operate one of the car jacks, help lift the boot and bonnet off. Or if you really want to work out you could always try to unscrew some of the bolts holding the panels on (I am starting to wonder if someone has used LOCTIGHT) or pull the seats out. Just a suggestion. LOL. Bog, sand, bog, sand….. I even wire brushes about 20 years of caked on mud from the wheel arches….. sigh.

    We love you just the way you are Scoop, and besides, that would only leave me as the obviously unfit family member.

  2. Sigh…. sugar. Its a problem hey. My current solution? drink more coffee. Coffee (even with sugar aded) generall invbovles less sugar intake than most chocolate

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