Time bandits

Time seems to be of the essence this week. Mainly, the time between whatever time it is now to 4pm Friday when my exam paper gets released and I can get to work is shrinking rapidly and I am still madly reading my resources papers trying to absorb every last morsel of information. When I get 10 minutes of down time at work I have the study screen back up again, desperately trying to calculate the meeting point of marginal revenue and marginal costs to determine the optimal rate of sales or the ideal pricing structure for imaginary widgets. It’s actually more interesting than it sounds. This unit took a lot longer than my previous ones for me to see where the application would be in my line of work. I’ve worked it out now…..the application is about 14 levels above where I sit for now. The upside of all this frenzied study activity is that I have had very little time to think about what my next work move is going to be (see previous post on high-falutin’ corporate stuff). I may or may not get a bit more of an idea on April 20 (that’s one way to get blog hits up that night!) because of various meetings happening on other issues, but I refuse to get excited/anxious/expectant about it because I’ve been there already over these same issues and I don’t think I can afford the nervous energy expenditure at the moment (best to use that for my exam me thinks).

Wow…..these early mornings are great for getting blog entries done. Maybe it’s because the alternative is to walk the dog, and I’m still too lazy. Going to have to do something there soon.



5 thoughts on “Time bandits

  1. Hmmmm frenzied study activity, 14 levels above my arse, nervous energy, many blog entries, ah my dear brother, you are the one that confuses me about baby boomers and the Y gen. ahhhhhh think think.

    Anyway off to placement, give me a lift to Stones will ya…?

    Happy exam time……

  2. from one who knows all:

    it gets worse as you get older.

    the most helpful thing I ever learned is: do it when you get it, not when it’s due

    take time to enjoy life and the people in your life

    have a worthwhile goal and working towards it will be worthwhile

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