Don’t take too much notice of the title of this posting. I’m either hoping to solicit unintential blog hits by people searching for the meaning of life, or I’m making comment on how old most people think I am when they meet me (it’s only approximate….some do think I’m older than that….the record is 47).

Today should be a fun day. Apart fr0m all the work and study I have to get done, I have to interview one person, call another in for an interview and make some staffing recommendations to my EIC on who we should move and who we should employ to cover some vacancies in the company at the moment. This is kind of exciting, and makes me think back to when I got my first job in journalism. I’m thinking about the reasons why I was given a shot, because it is a notoriously hard industry to get a start in. I think I’ll give these people their best possible shot if I can keep how I felt (can you believe it is nearly 11 years ago????) at the top of my mind. I wish them luck….and I wish me luck too!

Exam starts in 34 hours – can’t wait!



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