Out of the frying pan…….

Just when I made it through three days of a business accounting and finance exam, I am rewarded with a three day work course on, you guessed it, finance essentials! It is actually great fun, because my learning in the field is so recent that I can actually share some really good insights in to what we are doing. The work course is good because it is an insight in to how the global corporation that I work for does accounting and finance, so it is (hopefully) directly applicable to roles I will play in the company, and fingers crossed sooner rather than later.

Speaking of my next project, I still do not have a clue what it is! Well, that’s not quite right. I know what one option is, and have vague impressions about what a couple of other options are, but I couldn’t truthfully say I KNOW what is next for me. Never mind…..I have actually found quite a nice groove at the moment, doing reasonably good jobs at my various roles, and generally winning points all around. Rather nice really!

Study-wise I have one assignment to go to finish my unit, then one unit to go to finish the graduate certificate. Feeling OK about the exam result. I didn’t wake screaming on Sunday morning, so I must have had it under control. I hate waiting for results after submitting uni work, because you never quite know how you have gone until you get that mark back. As far as the exam goes, I’ll be happy with a pass.

On a last note, hope SN’s arm is doing better. Disappointing if it doesn’t bruise really impressively, but the marks left by the Kingswood should be worn with pride.



10 thoughts on “Out of the frying pan…….

  1. Speaking of speaking in riddles….. do we get to read a ‘birthday blog’ like last year, and in the same mysterious language that had me laughing for days?

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