Call it paying attention, call it needing attention (OK craving), but I want attention! Why? Probalby because I feel guilty over paying no attention to a few things because of the work/study conundrum.

My assignment (last for the subject) was largely ground out over last weekend, starting on Friday night, taking all day and half the night on Saturday and finishing 6pm Sunday. Suffice to say I owe plenty of other people more attention than I deserve. I found the assignment really tough, and even though It means my Business Accounting and Finance unit it over, I find myself having nagging thoughts (several times a day at least) that I might not have passed it. This is not like me, as I usually have the “why worry over things that won’t be changed by all the worry in the world” approach to things. Anyway, there is nothing I can do about it, so I’ll just have to wait patiently (!) for the results.

Work is getting us down at the moment. When I say “us”, I mean the family “us”. It is just so hard to get home at a reasonable hour at the moment, and that is starting to drag badly. Tried to organise a surprise weekend away this week (Labor Day weekend) but, even though I could get the Monday off, nothing else fitted in so it didn’t really work. I guess I’ll try again around the Queen’s Birthday weekend.  In the meantime I’ll just have to create what time I can. Trouble is I’m carrying more responsibility at work. Other managers have been sick/away/training/leaving/just not there all the time, and so people have been looking to me for solutions. That is a symptom of something good – that I’m seen as a go-t0 person to an extent – but it wears you out a fair bit. It’s nice to be thought of that way, but it would be nice for things to return to “normal operations” for a while, even a week, instead of this constant barrage of left field things that we have at the moment.

The life-long scarring of my children appears to have almost completely taken shape now. I was greeted when I got home by both of them dressed up in their Collingwood gear, clutching footballs (real ones, not that rugby league crap). They are both signed up for Auskick and are really excited about it. Child A is even doing AFL in PE, with her first game coming up on Tuesday. Now if I only had 16 more children (Yay team!)……..

Thanks for the kind birthday wishes from so many (Nicki, Jury, B-Joe and Grandma). So far being 35 has been so busy that I haven’t had time mto reflect on what being 35 is like. I might have to get back to you on that one.

Sorry – I have to go now – real world is chiming in again and I have to get to head office (1 hour, 20-30 minutes drive) for the weekly meeting of managers. Back on the roundabout again. Still, it could be worse. We have a managers’ retreat (a Friday, overnight stay and most of Saturday) coming up in a couple of weeks. I’ll report back afterwards.



2 thoughts on “Attention

  1. did I ever tell you this little theory …. start the assignment when you get it, not when it’s due

    I have personally got a bit of a handle on life management. and I pretty much think I will have it worked out. by the time I am ninety-four and a quarter.

  2. Well, busy busy busy. Glad you can look forward to a bit of a rest from study now, the working life will sort itself out, dont get too stressed about it. Life is to enjoy.

    Cya soon


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