That’s a relief

The gnawing worry I have carried in my stomach for the last few days has just about gone. Results for my exam and assignment came in this morning, and I passed both. Tat for me! Marks were not fantastic (that is, not as good as for the first assignment in the unit), but I couldn’t give a hoot about that really. A pass is a pass is a pass, and I’ll take it! Nwext unit won’t start for a month or thereabouts, but hopefully they will release the reading for it in the next week or so (yes Nicki….your advice is as good now as it was when I was at uni first time!). Once again, my lazy study habits have both caused me stress and been unfortunately vindicated by the results. The lesson from that? Dunno…..they must teach that in a different unit.


3 thoughts on “That’s a relief

  1. Yay, well done Scoop, yay for a month off thinking about units to be done and exams to stress over, yay for a month of lawn and family dedication.

    Lazy study habits, lets just think about that for a minute, I love the fact that maybe this is a genetic thing (but definatly a learned trait)I do it, my kids do it, Scoop does it, and so far it has worked for us, I enjoy doing absolutly no study for an exam and still cruise to a 100% mark, why change now? As for it being a genetic trait…. I wonder where we got it from?

  2. genetic trait? hmmmmmm. not from me anyway. but- good news my lovely son. hope you can slack off now at least for a little while. watch the footy on that expensive foxtel

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