Public holidays

Public holidays are the strangest of beasts for me. Most people have the day off, enjoy a long weekend (or a short week) and generally seem to get quite a deal of mental welbeing out of the whole thing. I work on public holidays and get extra annual leave instead. Sure, I don’t exoect sympathy on that score – taking five weeks holidays at Christmas and still having some in stock is pretty cool – but sometimes I wonder if I feel more busnt out as a result. I could, in theory, take very public holiday as annual leave, but then that would seem a waste of good holiday time.

We (the family we) are hoping to get away at Queens Birthday Weekend time. We haven’t found a location yet, but hopedully it will be somewhere relaxing where we can just be outselves, and most importantly be ourselves with each other. We have found precious little time for that recently and it’s not an enjoyable feeling.

The weekend just gone (still going for some) was really nice. I spent time at home, no study to do, had conversations with my beloved, went to the park with the kids a couple of times, really relaxed. This is something I just HAVE to find more time for. I think it’s good for all of us, and certainly seems to have a good effect on that feeling of pressure.



7 thoughts on “Public holidays

  1. That’s Monday, June 11 – smack-bang in the middle of when you visit! Let me see what I can work out though…….you know how flexible workplaces can be these days!

  2. I knew it! thousands of K by winged vehicle .. and you’re not even going to be there. actually I didnt realise there was a holiday week end there

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