Budget shmudget

I love Federal Budgets. This wouls sound like a very silly statement to most people, but I enjoyed myself immensely in the couple of days lead-up to this year’s national cash splash. The msot fun I had was pointing out to my younger (and some older) co-workers that I loved the budget “because it is when the government takes money from people like you and gives it to people like me”. This didn’t quite prove correct this time around, but hey…..it’s an election year. The Feds still have plenty of time to re-woo the “families with children” votes. Can’t wait.

Made another highly-enjoyable investment in quality family time on Wednesday. I took half of the afternoon off and raced home, managing to catch the last half hour of Child A and Child S’s Auskick session. I saw Child A score a run in AFL baseball (trust me, it works) and I helped Child S by trading a few short-distance handballs with him during a “parents help” exercise. Child A looked resplendant in her black and white vertical stripes (I have been accused of child endangerment but I’ve reassured people it is character-building – just look at me!). Child S enjoyed the small handballs for about 20 seconds, then had much more fun trying to punch the ball as far as he possibly could, even if the wind-up could be seen from miles away!

No news on the work front. I hear a few whispers here and there, but I’ve become excited about such things before and all it does is wind me up, take a lot of energy, and then turn out to be nothing. It’s not that I won’t be excited when things do happen, I just don’t have the energy to waste on excitement that’s not the real thing.

NOTE FOR NICKI: Keep an eye out for a package today….Express Post.

NOTE FOR JURY: Study-free environment is going just lovely, thanks (note time spent with kids…..good thing). Catch up with you tomorrow morning?

NOTE FOR BROTHER JOE: I’ve got nothing. How are you? Must get my hands on the Missy Higgins album…..no, the first one. Any suggestions?

NOTE FOR SIL….K: Do you need anything from the shops before I come home?

 NOTE FOR OTHERS: Yeah……like there’s others.



7 thoughts on “Budget shmudget

  1. package arrived. I love it thank you. hours of fun ahead.

    “I saw Child A score a run in AFL baseball” what?

    I get a kick out of budget time but for most people its the boring bit before the sports report

  2. I, too, caught very little of the budget, i just love the headlines the day after……..$8000 (in super large print)then when you read the fine print it states that you must have 1.78 children in childcare 16.3km away from home and within 39.4 minutes from your work place arrive before 3.29am on the 19th day of each month with two E’s in its spelling, every third year, and you may claim for 30% of out of pocket expenses, for every third weekend.
    Love it……….

  3. I am well. And yes, You SHOULD get the Missy CDs. Sound of White will set you back all of $15 at JB. And since you have a JB, you could rub it in and get the new album for $20 im guessing. I’ve heard some of the neby… very good

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