Developing situation

No, I haven’t taken up the habit of home photograph developing (I prefer digital photography, it’s cheaper), and I don’t have any super interesting new work assignments. I do have snippets about work though. On Friday my fellow managers and i went up a mountain, and we didn’t come back down until we felt ready to improve ourselves (and as a consequence, no doubt, our results). The company has declared that this is our year of the people – admirable, but one that it is really hard to feel excited about unless they put their money where their mouths are. Well, lo and behold, that’s exactly what they did, right down to the part where they are going to fund personal developement and business coaching for all of us, to help us more clearly set our professional AND PERSONAL goals. This stuff does not come cheap, and I for one am really looking forward to it. Should be great. For the record, we came down the mountain late on Saturday, and I was home by 6pm.

Beloved K is battling along, trying to keep up with a really hectic life schedule. Kids A and S are doing well, and also keeping a fairly hectic schedule. Hoping to make their Auskick session again tomorrow, but I’ll have to see how it pans out.

Other than that, looking forward to Nicki coming to visit. Have told the kids and they think that’s pretty cool. Weather is turning quite cool, especially at night (down to 10 degrees – brrrrrr!) so that should suit Nicki nicely. Still getting nice 25 degree days though, even when it rains.

Sent an email to Brother Joe the other day. I thought I was being thought-provoking…..obviously not!


2 thoughts on “Developing situation

  1. Yay, another post in the blog of Scoop…… and it’s only 15 minutes old.
    Life is one hectic trip, but we only get one of them. Swim, play, work, travel, kids, partner, traffic, birds, phone, mow, fax, drink, laugh, sign, read, email, blog, run, eat, sleep, talk, rest, feel, think…… sheeesh, feels like just another day doesn’t it.
    You think it’s getting cool….look out, they might think you are a local. Stupid-ball game on tomorrow night, are you wearing maroon now?
    P.S. All thought provoking emails are left where they are and only re-read on a weekend.

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