Special night

Last night I had a night to remember with my daughter, Child A. We went to the Gabba to see Collingwood play the Lions, and we just had a fantastic time together. I was showing her things about how football worked and she was soaking it up. We cheered the goals, we booed the opposition’s goals, we talked, we jumped up and down with excitement, we chanted for our team, and we laughed and laughed and laughed. It goes right up there with some of my favourite days, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.



3 thoughts on “Special night

  1. Nothing like a good footy game to bring ya close. Works everytime, I recall seeing a great Wobblies and Tigers game one year… but that was back when the Tigers won games.

    Took the kiddies to a Melb/someone game too, now that was fun.

  2. I think so, but maybe another year or two before he could really get in to it like Child A did. Both of them are doing Auskick, and so Child S enjoys kicking the football at the park more than he used to (he gets frustrated really quickly if he can’t do something). He says he like the Magpies……and the Lions, and the Cats. Obviously some more work to do there…..he’s just not ready to commit!

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