Patience – more than a card game

This week I received some great advice from a senior work colleague – be patient, but don’t be patient forever. Very kindly, he essentially said if I wanted him to look for another appointment for me (one that would enable me to put my learnings and experiences of the last 12 months to better use) he would be happy to use his connections to do so. Really nice of him really, and it’s great to have tha sort of support in my corner. I told him I was happy to be patient for another two to three months, but would get back to him then if such a role had not surfaced at my present workplace by then. Intriguing, and heartwarming really.

Yesterday, despite a really shocking headache that started around 3am and didn’t quit until about 6.30pm, I made a really successful presentation to an important group of colleagues about a new initiative that should be one of our big successes in the next financial year. Fun!

Looking forward to catching up with the Eagle (AKA Nicki) on the weekend. Should be fun. Meanwhile, we’ve all still got Friday to get through.



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