Increasing number of hits

While the title of this post might well be a flagrant (and fraudulant) attempt to improve my blog stats through poorly directed search engine traffic, it does have some vague relevance to life a the moment. Last night (and the Thursday night before, if truth be known) I played indoor cricket. I played indoor cricket when I was younger, and was even fairly good at it if I do say so myself, but that was not really enough to have me confident of how I would go. Suffice to say that last week I batted well and bowled OK, and this week I batted OK and bowled…shall we say…inconsistently!

Another player sent me a text message a day after the first game to ask how I was feeling. I said that, apart from a stiff knee, I was fine. He cursed me, proclaiming that after his first game he was in traction for three days. Game two has left me a little stiff in the back, but it’s not as if I feel like I’ve done 10 rounds with George Foreman.

All of this exercise is surprising to say the least, but it is certainly necessary as I have put back all of the weight I lost in my charity weight loss challenge a year and a half ago. Time to put some routines in place again I suppose, just maybe not quite to rabid as the last time.

Catching up with Dad, Brother Joe, Jury and others this weekend….should be fun.



2 thoughts on “Increasing number of hits

  1. Hmmm increased blog stats……. but I am guessing that the results of your quest are directionaly proportional to the amount of blog entries, but I am purely guessing.

    See ya on the weekend…

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