Finding out stuff

Today should be a good day for finding out stuff. I have a meeting scheduled for 11.30am with the GM and EIC to nut out the details of my next role at work. It’s looking exciting, and I’m jumping out of my skin to get in to it. My commute to work won’t be any better, in fact it will be worse, but the role itself will be more flexible and will have more scope for creativity. I’ll let you know how it pans out! Sick child S went back to school yesterday, and almost lasted the morning. Beloved K had to leave work to pick him up and take him home. She’s worried she will have to do that again today, leaving her work in the lurch, but what can you do? If the boy’s sick and the school won’t have him it doesn’t leave much wriggle room. By all reports there were just 14 kids in child S’s class yesterday, and that probably included him. Between Flue and Norovirus a lot of classes are like that. The radio news freaked me out on the way home last night – a 4-year-old boy died from Flue on Tuesday at a Brisbane hospital. Beloved K took Sam to the doctor after that (one doctor on duty, almost 2 hours of waiting) but the medical opinion was that he would be OK. I supposed paranoid parents are good parents (I hope so, because I am one!).



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