Congratulations…, what does that mean?

Finally, after a lot of waiting (not good for an Aries), I know what my next position at work is going to be. On Friday morning I enjoyed a very entertaining meeting with most of the company’s senior honchos. There was the GM, the EIC, the deputy GM, the business development Mgr. These are all very talented people, and very successful. I know some of them fairly well, but others I still have more to learn. Suffice to say that they are all big assets to the company and really good to work with. Friday morning was entertaining because they were sitting around the table talking about me and what my new job will be. In short, I will be the manager of strategic publishing. Beloved K was talking to Jury about it on Saturday morning (while I was off on a fruitless search for my missing glasses). When I asked Jury whether she understood what I would be doing, it turned out that neither of them did. Oh well, the title sounds impressive so substance becomes a little less important. The short version of what I will be doing is coming up with ideas for one-off or semi-regular publications, usually themed around a single event or topic, working out how they can be sold, them making sure they are sold, while also co-ordinating the editorial content of these publications. The objective is to create new revenue to boost our bottom line. It is quite like my company to move quickly once a decision like this has been made, so my appointment is effective from this Tuesday. I will be based at head office (a 10-minutes longer commute than now – doh!) so it will be good to be at the heart of the action.

Child S is recovering, although his chunky cough is going to hang around for a while. He managed a full day at school on Friday (after not making it to lunchtime on Thursday). Both Child A and Child S are coming along nicely at piano, and their teacher is all enthusiastic about their prospects. Child S is very excited about the upcoming medieval day at school (thanks to Aunt J for the dress, and Mum for the postage).



2 thoughts on “Congratulations…, what does that mean?

  1. congratulations my lovely son on appointment as “manager of strategic publishing”… er, I never knew one of those before. but “manager of” sounds suitably impressive.

    re the dress. all I did was carried it to the post office. hope child A enjoys the medieval day.

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