Home alone

No, I’m not advocating the continuation of one of the most tiresome movie franchises in history. I am, this morning, home alone, cramming for an exam that runs from Monday afternoon to Wednesday morning. Beloved K and Children S and A have headed off down the coast to visit K’s mum and dad, taking advantage of the kids’ day off school Monday to put together Child A’s cloak to go with her (borrowed) medieval dress for school. I’m fighting the procrastination forces, and (despite finding time to blog) so far I’m winning. I spent hours yesterday going right through the unit’s reading again, and I’ll spend today doing the same, as well as updating the learning journal I need to keep for the second assignment of the unit. Tomorrow I have a normal work day, but I’ll cut it short when the exam lobs in my inbox so I can come straight home and work on it.

As I work I have the TV on in the background. I actually find I get more done reading with a familiar movie in the background than I do with silence or a close equivalent. Maybe I’m just addicted to electronic entertainment.

Must go, otherwise I will be procrastinating….and that just won’t do today.



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