We (Beloved K and I) were somewhat cross yesterday to discover that we had been the victims of an attack by vandals. A couple of weeks ago we had noticed some rocks that did not belong sitting on our driveway (about the size of two 20 cent pieces side by side). Thinking little or nothing of it, we tossed the rocks in with our own on the garden next to the garage. On Saturday we noticed that there was actually some damage to the roof of K’s car, pock-marks from a pretty heavy hit that had damaged the paintwork and left noticable dents. Yesterday (Sunday) we noticed a brand new dent on the boot of the car, obviously fresh, and some off-cuts from sandy-coloured pavers were scattered next to the car.

As I said, we were cross. Somebody (presumably young and stupid enough not to understand the fact that cars cost money) took it on themselves to inflict this damage for some reason. If they had a problem with us then we are not the scariest people in the world – you would think they would talk to us about the problem. It’s actually worse that it’s random, because that means we mean nothing to these people and they did the damage anyway, not caring who we were or what the damage would mean to us. Screw them. I hope for their sake I don’t catch them because I don’t think they would appreciate the outcome. What it has done is ad impetus to the argument for us to move house. Add vandalism to my 1hr 20min commute to work and it gets easier to leave. The possibility of a move unsettling the kids is a restraining factor, but the reasons to move keep adding up. Making the dollars add up might be a different thing, but we’ll wait and see.



2 thoughts on “Vandals

  1. I for one know what that feels like, it is a little disheartening when we find out that our community is not perfect. I hope you reported it, little B******, I always hope that when it comes time for ‘them’ to hold something precious or work really hard to obtain an item, karma hits.

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