On the market

After much conjecture, computation and complaint (well, I made the last bit up), we are going to move house. The real estate agent banged his sign in to the grass in front of our place this morning, making it official that our house in on the market. If you check realestate.com.au tomorrow you should see pictures of our lovely home. Just search for homes in our suburb between $400,000 and $450,000 and you should find it. A prize to the first person to comment on this blog with the name of the pet that appears in one of the photos!

Moving house is stressful. Selling your house and looking for another one to buy, all the while trying to keep going with work, keep the kids happy and somehow have a life as well is something else entirely. Look up stress in a pictorial dictionary, then imagine that face a bit more twisted, red and tired, as well as frustrated and excited all at the same time. Fun huh? The move will be for the best, reducing my commuting time by some 2 hours a day (all going according to plan). If things work perfectly the move can be executed neatly between school years to minimise disruption to the kiddies as much as possible.

Caught up with Jury yesterday, which is always nice. Her dog didn’t bite me….I mustn’t have been all that tasty after moving furniture and stuff (decluttering).

Must go….more real estate paperwork and stuff to do.

Message for Muse: Any chance of a username and password?



6 thoughts on “On the market

  1. I get first prize for spotting the pet. I forget its name but large and black. did you pick out a potential new place yet?

  2. We’re still looking for a new place. Beloved K and I are house-hunting each Saturday, and I’ve looked at a few places during the week (a good way to test the commuting time). We’re going to get smarter about it though…leaving the kids with Jury this Saturday while we do the traipsing…long day in the car is not fair on the little ones. Child A is on board with the idea of moving. Child S keeps saying he doesn’t want to move house….then asks if we’re moving tomorrow. We’re still hoping to time everything nicely for between school years, but we’ll see how we go.

  3. Hey!!!!!!!! Sorry to hear of rocks and such…. I GOT a COMPUTER… and I’m connected! And I might be buying a house (shudder!)… My blog is still a disaster zone… trying to restore (tech glitch, being I can’t log in to post anything… Anyway… username: friendofjoe p/w: newspaper

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