Off the market

Well, what a difference a month makes! With apologies to Nicki and Jury for sharing this news blog-wise instead of talk-wise (I tried to call you both last night – no luck), we are no longer in the real estate market. This is good news, because we have sold our house (contract should be unconditional within days) and have made an offer on another one. The seller came back with a counter offer and we have said we’ll take it….very excitement! The only piece of the puzzle that remains is for the seller to negotiate with the tenant in the house for them to leave (they have a lease until June, but are pleasantly disposed towards moving on as long as they get time to find somewhere). We have discovered that, in Queensland, the sale of a property is not a legitimate reason for a landlord to turf the tenant – probably a good thing in the grand scheme of things.

 For those of you dying of curiosity, images of our (all things going well) new house can be found here: .

The house has four bedrooms, and is not overly huge, but the position makes it absolutely amazing. Views for miles and a great deck to take advantage of them. A house we looked at halfway down the same street two weeks ago was nicer, but the views were not even in the same sport let alone in the same league – and it went for $30K more than ours. Makes us rather cheerful about the whole deal really!

There is a long way to go yet…..our place won’t settle until December 7, and we have given a 60-day settlement offer (but sooner if the tenant leaves) on the new property. We will be “camping out” with Beloved K’s brother for any interim period thanks to a kind offer of using their “spare” house (hard to grasp the concept, but when you have seen the historical development of this, it makes sense). It will be simple living but not a worry as we know what we are moving in to and we’re really stoked about it!

Well, I must go. A busy day looms, and I have to be extra-pretty because I’m being interviewed for TV this afternoon. For those out of range of my general location, I will do what I can to get it taped (showing tomorrow night at 5.30pm) and distributed (or uploaded?). For those within my general location, my statement about how pretty I have to be should tell you which program I am talking about.

May all your contracts be unconditional.



10 thoughts on “Off the market

  1. It’s very nice inside. Four bedrooms, two living areas, separate laundry and a good-sized kitchen (more space than our present one). Floors are wooden (nice!). There is airconditioning in one of the bedrooms (probably what would be the office) and ceiling fans elsewhere. We’re on tenterhooks waiting for the real estate agent to call back and say everything is OK with the tenant negotiations. I don’t think I’ll sleep properly until that’s in the bag. Without that, we still have no written agreement on the house, so it is a bit nerve-wracking.
    Neice H turned 18 yesterday. I can’t remember who told her she could, but obviously somebody did or it wouldn’t have happened. Busy life already though – two jobs and counting – but she seems to be juggling it all really well.
    Child A had her Grade 3 piano exam on Monday (gee, a lot seemed to happen that day!) and she thinks she went OK. She stresses a lot about exams. I’m still plotting to tape my TV appearance tonight, so I’ll try to have it magically appear on my blog in the next day or so.
    Must go – cheerio!

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