Known unknowns

With apologies to Donald Rumsfeld, there are so many things that we know we know, things we know we don’t know, things we don’t know we know, and (best of all) things we don’t know that we don’t know. None of that has much relevance to what’s been going on in my world lately, but it’s a great piece of nothing-bureaucratic speak that I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

My last post referred (in a very relaxed manner) to the contract on our house. At this time I am happy to report that the deals are all but done. We have been advised by our real estate agent that the person buying our place has had their finance approved. That’s great, but the wheels of the legal world don’t move quite so fast, and we are still waiting for the buyer’s solicitor to advise our solititor that all is OK. This will happen by Monday (December 3) at the latest. Our own finance (to buy the other house linked to in the previous post) has been approved so all is looking absolutely excellent in that regard. Beloved K is struggling with one element – she can barely recall the inside of the house at all and is not sure what will fit in our new living spaces and what will not. What we are not struggling with is plans. We have so many plans that we can spare some for you if you are a bit short of them. We have the Plasma plan, the DVD plan, the Retaining Wall plan, the TV Cabinet plan, the Filing Cabinet plan and the Dishwasher plan. All of these are good plans. Almost all of them will come to fruition with borrowed money. All of this is good.

Beloved K plans to spend plenty of time with the kids over the school holidays. So do I. Kath will leave it until mid to late January before seeking out a new place to work. She is keen to try something a bit different, like working in a book shop instead of nursing, but we’ll just have to see how things pan out. I have taken holidays to unwind and enjoy the family’s company in our new digs. I finish up on December 12 and don’t go back until January 14. Fun really!

For the record (and for the unbelievers!) I did actually appear on TV. It was a two-minute interview on a Channel 9 program called Brisbane Extra. The interview was about an annual survey conducted by my company. Interesting? Well, yes! And it does suit my ever-growing ego to be on TV once in a while!

last but not least, I have just enjoyed my first ever booking of cheap airline flights on impulse. Faced with cheap fares ($50 each way) I have booked for myself, Beloved K and children A and S to travel to the home of real football on April 23 and returning (early!) on April 27. The mission? To fulfill a promise to take my family to quality football game at a REAL football ground……..and as everyone who knows me will attest, there can be only ONE!



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